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  1. Coupe du Monde foot masculin 2018

    Une fois de plus, l'Angleterre s'assoit et défend une avance d'un but. Ils ont joué brillamment dans la première moitié et puis dès que la deuxième moitié a commencé et que l'Angleterre a joué au football défensif, je savais que c'était fini. Venez la France en finale.
  2. Coupe du Monde foot masculin 2018

    Félicitations à la France, les deux équipes ont bien joué et ça a fait un bon match à regarder. Mbappe quel joueur. Les doigts croisés pour la finale de l'Angleterre contre la France.
  3. Saturne au Mak 180

    wow c'est vraiment bien, la division cassini est très tranchante, un des meilleurs que j'ai vu.
  4. Bonjour Patrick Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français. En ce qui concerne l'appareil photo, j'utilise un Canon 6D combiné avec un objectif macro Canon 100mm F2.8L. Je tire habituellement F8 et 1/1000 seconde et j'utilise auto iso pour ajuster l'exposition. Il y a un lien dans ma signature sur mon flux Flickr. Je pense que mes photos sont un peu trop exposées mais j'aime ça de cette façon.
  5. Lunette Esprit 150 ED

    I have the 120ED PRO triplet and it performs really well. Collimation is spot on, and it gives a wonderful airy disk. The image is very sharp, very flat and gives great color. The build quality is very good for the price, and you get lots of extras for the money. The 3 "focuser is very smooth and holds a good weight. Downside is very heavy at the front because of the heavy triplet lens and the dewshield droops.
  6. Quel filtre pour la pollution lumineuse

    Yes it blocks unwanted sky glow and blocks street light emissions, works very well. .
  7. Quel filtre pour la pollution lumineuse

    I have used this one in the past https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/baader-neodymium-filter.html I used the 2" one and it worked very well, and the price is good.
  8. Coupe du Monde foot masculin 2018

    It's coming home, it's coming home We need an England flag emoji
  9. Région d'Albategnius à la craie

    Just one word awesome. I've done some sketching but your sketch is a different level
  10. Coupe du Monde foot masculin 2018

    Bien fait France Finale France-Angleterre
  11. My collection of Clave' eyepieces

    I used to have a complete collection of Televue Delos. They were great but I found myself not using them much. I then compared the 10mm delos to the 10mm Clave on Jupiter and the clave clearly showed better detail, darker sky, and on axis was sharper then the delos. The 40mm is very nice as well and shows a dark sky with pinpoint stars right to the edge, very natural and the view is what I like. The downside is the field of view, but it's wide enough for me as all my observing is done in the center. They are expensive but they are quality eyepieces.
  12. telescope

    You do not need the starsense to use the telescope. All the starsense does is auto align for you. The telescope without starsense will align itself but you will need to know what stars you are pointing at.
  13. My collection of Clave' eyepieces

    LOL didn't even think of looking there. Thanks
  14. My collection of Clave' eyepieces

    Just wondering where was the Clave factory in France, I presume in Paris but where. There is a lack of Clave info on the web, can not even locate a Clave history website.
  15. Using CduC and imputting the time, date, and place given and looking at Jupiter, it showed the planets they were in order from Jupiter Io, Europa, and Ganymede in exactly the same position as in the picture above.